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Shooting for G.H. Bass last month. Look for the new campaign come February.

These guys installed a wall in my studio last week. Respect.

Hey, wondering what to do with your iPad or simply curious about Blurb’s eBook option, why not download a free eBook copy of my new photography book, The Color of Night.  It’s the culmination of 4 years of shooting nightlife with my DSLR paired with a 50mm 1.4 lens.  It’s also the first nightlife photography book shot entirely with available light in color. There’s a small hard copy on sale too and I should have the 12” x 12” version up by Monday for sale.

BLURB LINK NOTE: You’ll need to sign in on to get a download link sent to you.

DIRECT LINK NOTE: You’ll need to click on the link below from within your iPad or iPhone and have iBooks installed.  Also, it’s about 186 MB. So you’ll want to be connected to wi-fi.

It’s kinda strange because the eBook stayed in traditional book format.  Which I can’t quite tell if I like or not.  Anyway, have a look and let me know what you think?


Gauntlet Hair perform “I Was Thinking” at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY on April 24, 2012.

Per usual this live one shot video is more about the show experience than quality recording of the band. Have a look for yourself. I’m not sure who’s the sloppiest here; my video work, the crowd or the band. Super fun show and my favorite new band this year.

 Life Size Maps perform, Weird Luck, at 285 Kent in Williamsburg, NYC

Great Music! Great People! Great Show!

So glad my friend Laura Peters from Artless Fictions Records introduced me to Robbie Delong and all of his friends.  I’m leaving LA for the Summer next week and will really miss hanging out with such varied, cool and talented people. It’s seems like every time I pick up my camera there’s something or someone new and exciting to work with here. I’ll be back but in the meantime look forward to lots of post from my Summer on the road!

Photoshoot from yesterday with Ghost Shirt Empire. Great guys. So great I even let them beat me at foosball!